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Estate Planning Lawyer

"I pride myself on building lasting relationships with my clients by being both flexible and accessible." — C.R. Abrams

Estate planning and probate are two legal areas that people approach with dread. Moving the valuable things of one person's life safely into the hands of others is a task fraught with pitfalls. One false move — one badly worded document — and assets don't go where they were supposed to go. This is one time you need a really good lawyer.

Effective Estate Planning Attorney

The Law Offices of C.R. Abrams, P.C. exists in order to minimize this anxiety. Our knowledge of estate law and probate management runs deep. We have helped hundreds of estates make the crossing safely from point A to point B. We can help with your estate problems, too.

The Law Offices of C.R. Abrams serves individuals and their families in every aspect of estate planning, probate, estate and trust administration, resolution of trust and estate disputes, and guardianship proceedings.

Experienced Probate Attorney Practice Areas

  • Estate planning
  • Probate
  • Real property issues: help with transactions and paperwork
  • Qualifying for MediCal
  • Business formation: LLCs, partnerships and corporations

We are also pleased to provide this practical information at no charge:

Also, we hope you will listen to what our many satisfied clients have to say about our service. Their satisfaction is always our highest priority!

Proper estate planning will put your mind at ease. Contact the estate planning attorney C.R. Abrams at 949-639-0431.

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