August 1, 2017

J.R.’s Kind Reminder

Welcome to the beginning of summer!

Now that my 6-year-old son Jaxson (a.k.a. “Tank”) is out of school for the summer and old enough for a plane ride, my wife Amber and I have been introducing him to new experiences; We visited Alcatraz, a major league baseball game (although only for 3 innings) and had many trips to the park sandbox. No matter where we travel, Tank seems to make friends. He doesn’t see social markers or inhibitors- he just sees another little kid who wants to play.

Through Tank’s summer adventures, I am reminded to do the same- treat all of my family, friends and clients with respect and to always act in their best interest. I want to encourage all of you, this summer, take a moment to say hello to a stranger in the sandbox of life.


J.R. Mills

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