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All amendments (changes) to the trust take approximately 4-6 weeks for processing. Once we receive your amendment request, we will begin processing it immediately. You will not receive confirmation that the amendment is being processed unless further information must be obtained. If you have any questions regarding processing, or if this is a medical emergency, contact our office by phone during business hours. Please remember, an amendment to the trust can change the following. Examples of amendments:

  • Adding or removing beneficiaries
  • Modifying what a beneficiary will receive
  • Modifying when the beneficiary will receive the inheritance (ie. After graduating college, attaining age 25)
  • Changing the Successor Trustee
  • Changing the Executor
  • Changing the Financial Power of Attorney
  • Changing the Conservator
  • Changing the Medical Power of Attorney
  • Assisting the Successor Trustee when the client becomes sick, incompetent or incapacitated
  • Assisting the Surviving Spouse when the other Spouses has passed away

An amendment is not required for changes in assets. For example, if you have a new bank account, the only action required is that you let the bank know you have a living trust. If you purchase a new home or real property, the only action required is that you let your realtor know you have a living trust. Please be advised, if you take title to a new piece of real property in your name alone or in the name of husband and wife, it must be retitled to the name of your living trust. Please contact our office by phone during office hours for further instructions.

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    We specialize in estate planning
    A Revocable Living Trust is an entity created to avoid probate and to allow you to decide how you want your assets distributed after your death. We charge $799.
    If you find yourself dealing with the passing of a loved one who did not have a Living Trust, we can help.
    We have a trust administration department to assist families who do not have an eligible, willing or able successor trustee.
    If you are a beneficiary, successor trustee, or family member of our deceased client(s) and need assistance administering the decedent(s)'s estate we can assist your family.
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