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A Revocable Living Trust (sometimes called a "Living Trust", "Family Trust" or simply "Trust") is an entity created to avoid the expensive probate process and to allow you to decide how you want your assets distributed after your death. A Living Trust keeps family cohesion and allows your wishes to be fulfilled quickly and without additional fees and charges. It is the greatest gift you can give your family.

In our free Revocable Living Trust seminars, we explain what a trust is and how it works. We also help you decide how you would like your assets to be distributed and guide you how to select who in your family will distribute the estate.

Included in the $799.00 seminar price, your estate plan includes many other documents and services that are invaluable to you and those you leave behind. We draft a Last Will and Testament for each spouse, Financial Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive, and other documents needed to transfer your assets into your trust.

Also included free of charge, we provide free in-home notary service for the initial set-up of your estate plan. We also provide a lifetime of free amendments, so you can change your estate plan to reflect your changing wishes, cost-free.
If you find yourself dealing with the passing of a loved one who did not have a Living Trust, we can help. Regardless if they had a Will or no written documents, we can take you through the process required to identify the property or assets the decedent owned, determine who has the authority to be executor/administrator, determine who is legally entitled to inherit, transfer title of real property and other assets, go through steps needed for the court process and file taxes on behalf of the decedent. We are extremely fair with our fees - we charge the statutory MINIMUM.
We have a trust administration department to assist families who do not have an eligible, willing or able successor trustee. Our trust administration professionals will meet with you in your home to ascertain your goals for your trust estate and to establish a personal, one-on-one connection with your family. This is beneficial for families who want a professional successor trustee or who want to prevent disagreements among the remaining family members during their time of grief. This service can be essential for families with minors, beneficiaries receiving governmental assistance and out-of-town families. Although there is an additional fee for this service, we charge less than most other professional fiduciaries and no fees are ever due until after death. That’s right - we do not collect for services until after death, even if services are rendered long before the death.
If you are a beneficiary, successor trustee, or family member of our deceased client and need assistance administering the decedent's estate we can assist your family. Because we have each client's trust and amendments on file, it is easy for us to determine who inherits what assets. We can assist the successor trustee in assuming trust powers and making all distributions. This includes retitling all trust assets and obtaining final tax information. We also ensure that Prop. 13 is retained if the transfer is from a parent to child and sometimes even if it is a grandparent to grandchild. Our goal is to avoid all taxes and reassessments for your family.
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